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The British Cupping Society (BCS) was formerly established in 2008. Following years of groundwork laying the foundations of professionalisation, the BCS is now recognized as the international benchmark for standards in cupping therapy.

The BCS is the first Cupping Therapy organisation established by medical and healthcare professionals with a focus on professionalissation. Since 2008, the British Cupping Society has been consulting with ministries of health, universities and healthcare authorities throughout the world in an attempt to internationaly standardise, regulate and develop clinical guidelines in Cupping Therapy.

Utmost importance is given to patient safety. We believe that healthcare should be delivered only by trained healthcare professionals. Cupping therapy is a form of complementary medicine practice that should be integrated into mainstream practice by trained healthcare professionals. This belief has given the public and authorities worldwide great confidence that practitioners trained by BCS will always have patient safety and well-being as their main priority.

Some of our clinical protocols have been utilized by academicians in research published in highly reputable Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals and presented at prestigious medical congresses worldwide. In addition, our esteemed and experienced team have helped supervise numerous clinical research projects, undergraduate and post-graduate degrees related to cupping therapy

A number of Ministries of Health have taken the British Cupping Society’s training programme as their national standard for all Medical and Healthcare Professionals.

  • “We are also pleased to announce confirmation of Cupping Therapy Regulation in Turkey, using the BCS model”
    ~ BCS, 2013