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Our portfolio

  • Governance and Administration

    Governance and Administration

    This section provides guidance how to systematically maintain, and improving the

  • Clinical environment

    Clinical environment

    We believe a safe working environment is essential for the safe delivery of cupping. This section encompasses health and…

  • Procedure


    The practice of Cupping Therapy is culturally diverse, whilst recognizing the need to remain sensitive to these variations, the...

  • For patients

    For patients

    The overriding aims of this section are to protect the patient. Hence detailed clinical guidelines are provided to ensure...

  • For practitioners

    For practitioners

    This section encompasses the provision of a code of conduct for cupping practitioners in the form of the ‘Good...

  • Operation manual

    Operation manual

    The British Cupping Society Operations Manual  serves  as a point of reference for the delivery of cupping services for...

  • Licensing & Regulation

    Licensing & Regulation

    As well as providing education, lectures, seminars, workshops and forming collaborations we are also involved in self-regulating our practitioners. ...

  • Why choose BCS workshops?

    Why choose BCS workshops?

    We are the first organization in the UK to offer workshops for medical cupping therapy. Our workshops are continually...

  • Target audience

    Target audience

    Both the Beginners and Advanced workshops are designed for health professionals with an interest in Cupping who are aiming...

  • Workshops


    BCS has an educational program to train interested individuals and institutions in the safe application of the cupping therapy...

  • Media promotion

    Media promotion

    We have helped to raise the public profile of cupping through regular media appearances. These include British and Turkish...

  • Courses & Seminars

    Courses & Seminars

    BCS regularly participates delivering lectures and seminars to the general public and the academic audience. Our promotional events and...

  • Collaborators


    Below is a list of some of our international collaborators Germany, Berlin – Emannuel Hospital, Berlin Finland – University...

  • Academic Collaboration

    Academic Collaboration

    The BCS has been directly involved in initiating academic activity at the undergraduate and post-graduate level. This includes helping...