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Out ethos

Our ethos is to help deliver medical cupping therapy with the patient at the heart of our activities. The BCS E3 model aspires to achieve excellence in all aspects of cupping, therefore we encourage our practitioners to set an excellent standard in their conduct, and expect them to act with integrity and honesty and maintain the trust of their profession. They should also work within the legal confines and framework of the community in which they practice their profession.

Excellent Cupping Practice – The Cupping Code of Conduct’ outlines what the BCS expects of all cupping practitioners. It is the duty of every BCS cupping practitioner to be familiar with this guide and any explanatory guidance or subsequent amendment that accompanies it.   We expect our practitioner’s to adhere to these guidelines at all times.

Our unique E3 approach helps us to focus our efforts in developing cupping therapy as a widely accepted practice.

 We believe in:

  • Excellence
  • Education
  • Evidence