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By admin on August 1, 2016 in News and Events

(Saudi Arabia – 2nd to 4th April 2016) – We had the pleasure of delivering our first workshop in Saudia Arabia at the prestigious King Abdul Aziz University. It was an honor to have participants who made the effort to travel from more than 10 different countries to attend our Beginners and Advanced workshop. It was also humbling to have participants who had decades of experience in cupping therapy benefited from the experience including those Professors, Consultants, Nurses and Physiotherapists.

The workshop was delivered following popular demand prior to The 2nd International Conference on Quality in Prophetic Medicine. Candidates completed the workshop followed by an examination to assess their competency in applying the cupping procedure.

Our focus was to deliver the latest research regarding the theories and mechanisms of action of cupping therapy in order to inspire the participants to contribute their own research and case studies to the BCS community and practitioners worldwide. We also aimed to equip candidates with clinically relevant guidelines for their own patients. In addition there was a strong emphasis on standardising practice to enable meaningful and replicable research with a view to widening the evidence base.

Some of the feedback given by participants is stated below:

  • We hope this is the beginning of a fruitful endeavor in preserving and promoting a safe and standardized approach to cupping therapy in the Middle East and look forward to delivering masterclasses in treatment and management of specific disease areas.
    ~ Dr Siti Che Pa, Dentist (Ministry of Health Malaysia)
  • It was worth coming thousands of miles away from Malaysia to attend the BCS course. I and my wife definitely learned a lot of things on this course with continuous after course guidance from respected speakers.
    ~ Dr. Ahmad Suradin, MD (International Islamic University, KL, Malaysia)

BCS wins Award at 2nd International Conference on Quality in Prophetic Medicine


The conference was attended by dignitaries and academics, including respective heads of departments from all over the world, including USA, UK, Europe, Middle East and Far East. It was an opportunity for academics and clinicians to share their work and findings on the use of prophetic medicine.

Themes at the conference included:

  • Cupping Therapy – Pathophysiology, Application in Dermatology, Cardiology, Micro-cellular mechanisms of action, Infertility, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and regulation of cupping therapy.
  • Black Seed Oil – Uses in Hepatitis, asthma, haematological disorders, anti-cancer properties
  • Natural Substances – uses of pumpkin, pomegranate, honey on disease prophylaxis.
  • Principles of Prophetic Medicine – in manage endocrine disorders such as diabetes and disease prevention and management.
  • Dr. Nazir presented his research on the use of cupping in the management of diabetes, in addition his talk focused on using a traditional approach to managing the global epidemic of diabetes using evidence from traditional scriptures and collating evidence to prove their benefit in the modern day context. It was an honour to be recognised for our work in the professionalisation and standardisation of cupping therapy. We hope to use this conference to refresh our aims and objectives and to continue to work towards securing the legacy of cupping therapy in the healthcare system. We would like to extend our thanks to Professor Saod Al Jaouni for her immense efforts and KAU for their hospitality and willingness to explore alternative therapies on a world stage. For myself personally I benefitted from the array of knowledge on offer and was humbled by the hard work that people are involving themselves in worldwide to encourage the safe and standardized use of treatments inspired by traditional teachings. It was also heartening to realise the emphasis on safe and evidence based practice and the efforts being made to incorporate complimentary therapies into the conventional healthcare system in order to give patients a holistic treatment experience.
    ~ Dr Sirfraz Nazir, GP (British Cupping Society)
  • Dr. Rajput delivered the results of his work related to treating male infertility with cupping therapy and holistic medicine. His case series of patients with low testosterone demonstrated a significant and sustained rise in testosterone level post cupping therapy. This work will form the basis of further research with the hope of using cupping therapy as an adjunct to treating male infertility. This case series also sheds light on the mechanisms of action of cupping therapy on hormonal levels in the body.
    ~ Dr Kaleem Ullah Rajput, MD (British Cupping Society)
  • At BCS our main aims are to promote the safe. We presented data on the side effects experienced by patients receiving cupping therapy, through our own audit and clinical governance processes. We also presented data on the scope of procedures being carried out in the UK and the health risk that may be posed by unsafe practice. In addition we provided the journey of professionalisation of medical cupping therapy and proposed how the legacy of this therapy can be secured to benefit the patient and the profession. We were grateful to the organisers for recognizing our work and efforts and presenting us with the prize of best presentation and research at the conference.
    ~ Dr Amir Sheikh, GP (British Cupping Society)


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