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Full Membership

By admin on October 20, 2016 in Articles


Full members (MBCS) are those individuals who have been deemed competent in the practice of cupping. MBCS’ must have demonstrated a sound knowledge of the practice of Cupping as well as the clinical skills necessary to practice cupping competently and safely. Upon demonstrating these competencies, they will be deemed Members of the British Cupping Society (MBCS).

Achievement of full membership status allows individual member to proceed to applying for a license to practice cupping, thus the MBCS status enables an individual to proceed towards becoming a Registered Cupping Practitioner on the BCS approved practitioners list.

MBCS are expected to engage in developments in cupping and working in line with BCS policies and procedures related to cupping therapy. Achieving RCP would entitle the individual to proceed towards Fellowship of the Society.


1) BCS representation at a regional and national level
2) Access to Full Members only website forums
a. collaborating in challenging cases and scenarios with a global network of practitioners
3) Access to regular clinical updates in the field of cupping
4) Discounted educational events, workshops, courses and meetings
5) Discounted purchasing from websites i.e. cupping equipment
6) Medico-legal guidance
7) Inclusion onto the BCS Practitioner Register and networking at BCS events
8) Opportunity to become a representative of the BCS at a regional level
9) Option to progress to becoming a Fellow of BCS


1) Attendance at British Cupping society introductory and Advance level workshops and courses as defined by the society in the curriculum
2) Demonstrating competency in the practice of cupping:
a. Passing written examinations
b. Passing verbal examinations
c. Passing practical examinations as set by the British Cupping Society
d. Demonstrating safe practice and competent practice on patients
3) Certificate of Prescribed or Equivalent Experience by the British Cupping Society
4) A registered Medical, Dental, Healthcare professionals Council (HCPC), Nursing and Pharmacy professional. Other professions will be considered subject to BCS board approval
5) Curriculum vitae with 2 character and 2 clinical references
6) Criminal records clearance
7) Satisfactory health clearance
8) Annual BCS membership fee

Full membership is available worldwide for those with an active academic or professional interest in microbiology. The subscription rate for those joining online and paying by credit card is £100 annually.

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