BCS is committed to patient safety, we believe that patients should expect a minimum standard of care when seeking cupping therapy. These standards should ensure that patients feel safe and are treated by a safe practitioner in a safe environment. BCS has provided a checklist that addresses these issues.

Any ‘No’ answer in the checklist should prompt patients to think carefully about whether they should be seeking cupping therapy from a particular practitioner and clinic. Patients should expect all answers to be ‘Yes’

Approved BCS practitioners can be found on the ‘Locate a Practitioner’ Page

Key :CT = Cupping Therapy                       CP = Cupping Practitioner

BCS patient checklist Yes No
Patient Factors
1 Has the entire cupping procedure been explained?
2 Have the risks, benefits and side effects of CT been explained?
3 Has the CP explained what precautions need to be taken after CT?
4 Has the CP checked you are not suffering from an acute (emergency) illness?
5 Is the CP aware of your medical history?
6 Has the CP explained the potential benefits of CT generally and for your specific condition?
7 Has the CP explained your management plan to you? i.e. how often you need CT
8 Has the CP explained what to do in case of any complications from CT?
9 For female patients – have you checked that you are not pregnant?
10 For patients with cancer – have you checked with your specialist if you can have CT?
Practitioner Factors
1 Has the CP been trained in CT by a BCS approved organisation?
2 Is the practitioner a member of BCS or on a BCS approved register?
3 Does the CP have health clearance for blood borne diseases such as Hepatitis B, HIV and Hepatitis C?
4 Is the CP a health professional and able to make a thorough clinical assessment?
5 Is the CP insured to treat you?
Environment Factors
1 Does the CT clinic have a health premises license?
2 Is single use equipment being used for CT?
3 Is there appropriate disposal of clinical waste and blood soiled equipment?
4 Are there adequate infection control measures in place?