We are pleased to announce the following forthcoming workshops:

  • Beginner’s Workshop: ‘Cupping Therapy: An Introduction to Cupping’ on Saturday 10th Feb 2018
  • Advanced Workshop: ‘Cupping Therapy: From Theory to Practice’ on Sunday 11th Feb 2018

These workshops will be held at ‘Ilford Medical Centre, 61 Cleveland Road, Ilford, Essex IG1 1EE’.



Anticipated Participants

Both the Beginner’s and Advanced workshops are designed for health professionals with an interest in Cupping who are aiming to become registered practitioners with the British Cupping Society, a member of the General Regulatory Council for Complimentary Therapies (GRCCT). The Advanced workshop is designed for candidates who have attended the Beginner’s Workshop previously.

Health professionals can encompass the following:

  • Medical Doctors & General Practitioners
  • Surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Nurses with a background in Health Sciences
  • Physiotherapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Physician’s Assistants
  • Psychiatrists
  • Radiologists



We are the first organization in the UK to offer workshops for medical cupping therapy. Our workshops are continually updated in line with current practice, latest guidelines and research. We believe our practitioners should be at the forefront of Cupping Therapy in the UK.

We are now officially recognized by the GRCCT, meaning that we are an autonomous regulatory body within the field of cupping therapy taking on responsibility for regulating our practitioners. For the general public this means that they will have assurances that BCS practitioners have the necessary checks in order to ensure their competence and safety.

BCS has gained recognition both nationally and internationally as an organization representing the practice of Cupping in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to preserve, protect, improve and promote the safe practice of Cupping for the benefit of society as a whole. BCS provides leadership in the skills of Cupping by promoting an Evidence Based Approach to Cupping Therapy whilst upholding key traditional elements of the practice. In order to further these aims, we intend to implement our policies and procedures to ensure the professional growth and success of Cupping.

We welcome any participants who share our goals onto our team.

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Why Health Professionals Only?

We accept that there is great enthusiasm amongst practitioners and the public to practice this therapy. However we must maintain professional standards in order to ensure patient safety and to ensure that British Cupping Society Practitioners deliver the best care. Our courses are based on the application of Medical Cupping Therapy and therefore our practitioners need to have a background in the health sciences and be skilled in diagnosis and patient communication.

We will therefore consider individual enquiries on merit, please email info@britishcuppingsociety.org for any specific queries.

Workshop Delivery

Fully qualified medical doctors and academics with an interest in Cupping and Alternative therapies will deliver the workshops, they have demonstrated leadership in cupping at an international stage. The BCS has a wealth of experience in all aspects of cupping including Research, Clinical Practice and Training. We hope to share our unique experiences with you. Having established in the UK as Cupping Therapy specialists, our practitioners have earned international recognition. You will have a chance to observe, ask questions and then practice yourselves under their supervision.


Beginners Workshop Outline

  • Review of Anatomy and Physiology Related to Cupping (Pre-reading material)
  • Introduction to Cupping Therapy
  • History of Cupping therapy
  • Traditional Approaches and Timings
  • Current Theories and Mechanisms of Action of Cupping Therapy
  • Current Scientific Evidence Related to Efficacy of Cupping Therapy
  • Clinical Indications and Contraindications of Cupping Therapy
  • Infection Control Guidelines Related to Wet Cupping
  • Demonstration of Wet, Dry and Massage Cupping
  • Practical Session on Wet, Dry and Massage cupping
  • Health clearance for Practicing Cupping
  • The Cupping Clerking Proforma & Record Keeping
  • Clinical Room Requirements and Consent
  • Indemnity to Practice

Advanced Workshop Outline

  • Review of Beginner’s Workshop
  • Review of Current Methods of Cupping Therapy Application including: Meridian Points and Traditional Points
  • Importance of using a Standardized Approach
  • Using an Evidenced Based Approach to Cupping
  • Introducing the BCS algorithm for Selecting Cupping Points
  • Introducing the BCS Systems Based Approach to Cupping
  • Devising Management Plans for the Cupping Patient
  • Current Best Evidence in Cupping
  • Evidenced Based Points for Common Cupping Conditions
  • Incorporating Research in Practice
  • Problem Based Learning and Group Discussion of Clinical Cases
  • Examination of the Practical Application of the Cupping Procedure
  • Examination of Obtaining Valid Consent in Cupping
  • Oral viva on Safe Approach in Managing a Cupping Patient
  • Towards becoming a Registered BCS Practitioner
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Learning Methods

The workshop is based on small group teaching to help you get the most out of the course. We believe in maximizing the interaction between the candidates and the tutor, there is ample opportunity for question and answers. We hope this will help you to personalize your experience. Methods of teaching include the following:

  1. Lectures
  2. Group discussion
  3. Case based Discussion
  4. Practical Session
  5. Examination

We have a limit on 10 participants per workshop to ensure that you achieve maximum benefit from the experience.


  • Beginner’s Workshop – Participants must be a health professional as listed above.
  • Advanced Workshop – Must have attended beginner’s workshop previously or be registered for the beginners work on the 20th May 2017.

Application Process

Please complete the online application process and transfer the fees via BACS your place will only be confirmed once payment has been made and the panel has approved your application.

Once you have registered and payment has been received, you will receive a pre-course material via email approximately 12 days prior to the course. The final day of the workshops will conclude with practical applications and assessments in Cupping Therapy.

Both workshops can be applied for together provided the pre-requisites are fulfilled.


The cost is £300 per candidate per workshop. There is a concession of £25 per workshop for applications received before the 15 January 2018 i.e. £275 per workshop and £550 for both days.


Post Workshop Completion

Upon successful completion of the ‘Beginner’s Introductory Workshop’, participants will be invited to attend the ‘Advanced Cupping Therapy Workshop’.

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Workshop candidates will receive a certificate of competence providing you pass the exam at the end of the workshop. Participants can then enter you onto the pathway of becoming a registered BCS practitioner, which requires a period of clinical work, case write-up and clinical supervision.

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Additional benefits of attending the workshop

  • Prestigious: Course prepared for Health Professionals by Medical Professionals
  • Exclusive: Direct interaction with leading specialists with research based knowledge
  • Practical: “Hands-on” experience
  • Provision: All necessary materials, documents & cupping sets
  • Refreshments & Lunch are provided
  • Recognition: The BCS is involved nationally and internationally in the regulation and promotion of cupping therapy.

Workshop completion opens up a pathway to becoming a BCS registered practitioner allowing inclusion onto our professional body and practitioners register and subsequently the national register.


Please fill in the online application form.

Please attach a copy of your Beginner’s Workshop Certificate if you have previously attended a workshop and want to apply for the Advanced workshop and email it to info@britishcuppingsociety.org

Payment is via BACS transfer:

  • British Cupping Society
  • The Co-operative Bank
  • Account Number 65328154
  • Sort Code 08-92-99

Please state your name and date of workshop as reference.
Please note the deadline for application is 5th May 2017.


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